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body sculpting



We offer 5 types of body sculpting treatments. 

  1. EMSculpt
  2. Fat Freeze
  3. Fat Dissolving Injections
  4. Liquid Lipo
  5. Cavitation Treatments

Tailored packages available



By using dermal filler to areas such as cheeks, jaw and chin, we can enhance and sculpt the face. It can be seen to reverse the aging process by lifting areas up. Dissolving, Nasolabial, Lips and Facial contouring are offered. 

Anti-wrinkle treatments by our advanced practitioner are also available.



Facials, PRP, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrassion, Mesotherapy, Micro-Needling, Dermaplaning, Skin Boosters and Plasma Fibroblast, are a few skin treatments offered. 


Studio 808

Have had a b12 jab and IV vitamin drip and have felt much better since. Iv been around others who have been ill and have not come down with illness which has been due to my immune system being boosted from these treatments. Prices are the best in the area I cant recommend Ella Beauty enough.

Danielle Lyon

I am a regular and a huge fan of Simply Ella Aesthetic. Ella always give practical advice on how best to solve any beauty problems. She is a total professional, and has a wealth of knowledge, but is also fun and always make you feel relaxed in her company

About Us

Working within the industry for 16 years, a trained level 4 educator, and level 5 aesthetic practitioner, you know you're in perfect hands, here at Simply Ella.

We are passionate in building confidence in clients body and skin, with an enthasis on natural, gentle enhancements.

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